1(Bottom hull cleaning and  Propeller Polishing)

Bottom hull cleaning & Propeller Polishing

To clean ship bottom hull and propeller from marine growth, it can increase fuel efficiency up to 20% and increase ship speed up to 25%. READ MORE
1(Salvage Operation)

Salvage Operation

To help you for lifting sinking object (anchor, chain, heavy equipment, ship etc.). READ MORE
2(Diving Services)

Diving Services

General diving services, to do class in water survey, underwater welding and cutting, salvage operations, with reasonable cost. READ MORE
2(Ship Damage Repair)

Ship Damage Repair

Repair ship from leaking or any damage, by utilize underwater welding and cutting. Can save your cost compare to dry docking. READ MORE
1(Underwater Inspections)

Underwater Inspections

To inspect your ship, to determine the potential damage of the vessel. READ MORE
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